Table Backdrop Portable Video Unit
The Table Backdrop Portable Video Unit is perfect for Table-Top only shows. It combines the hardware from our Convertible X-Frame with the hardware from our 24 inch Portable Video Unit to create a completely unique product. This unit requires less than 10 minutes for set-up and needs no tools to complete the set-up. This display unit utilizes a wireless remote control to operate various functions and to select either video or slide show formats.

The 24" flat screen unit is 48" tall and 72" wide. Each unit ships with the complete printed graphic face (skin) and the client's digital media fully loaded and tested on the flat screen.

The printed graphic or "skin" is an actual banner that has been adapted specifically for this system.

The "skin" is easily changed for each new venue or product. The digital content is changed by copying the desired file(s) from a computer onto an SD Card or Flash Drive. The SD Card or Flash Drive is then plugged into the display. By doing this the new files are installed and ready to play.