Portable Video Displays™
Green Friendly Digital - Video Displays
The Mediagraphics Inc. Portable Video Displays are extremely versatile. These self standing audio/video display units take 
approximately 5 minutes to set up. (No tools required).

The 32" and 24" flat screen units come fully equipped with a remote control to play all popular video and slid show formats.

The 32" unit is 72" tall and 36" wide and weighs 32 lbs when fully assembled.

The 24" unit is 78" tall and 32" wide and weighs only 23 lbs when fully assembled.

Each of these units ship with a printed graphic face (skin) and digital media for the flat screen.

The client's digital media file are installed and tested on each unit prior to shipping during the QC process.

The printed graphics are easily changed for each new product or venue. The digital content for the flat screens are changed simply by using a standard sd card or flash drive. many institutions use these units in trade show booths and then reassemble them in their lobbies or waiting rooms or meeting areas. They are designed to be used over and over to meet the changing needs of the end user.
32" Portable Video Display Unit                                   24" Portable Video Display Unit